Crow Girls painting-sugar bowl

Crow Girls with a sugar bowl — art by MaryAnn Harris

Crow Girls - blue

Maida and Zia — art by MaryAnn Harris

Crow Girls sketch

Crow Girls sketch— art by MaryAnn Harris

Triskell Tales 2

Triskell Tales 2

Muse and Reverie (Newford -23) by Charles de Lint

Muse and Reverie (Newford #23) by Charles de Lint

"A Crow Girls Christmas" (2001) — Short Story, jointly written by Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris.

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All ages

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This is a short standalone story. It was first posted on the author's website for free for the fans. It has since been printed in Triskell Tales 2 and reprinted in Muse and Reverie (2009).

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It can be found here.


The fun-loving Crow GirlsMaida and Zia—are temporarily hired on as Santa's elves at the Williamson Street Mall in Newford and unwittingly cause mischief.


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  • eBook, First Ed., Pub: 2001 — Author's website
  • Triskell Tales 2: Six More Years of Chapbooks, HC, 178 pages, Pub: 2006 by Subterranean Press—ISBN: 1-59606-055-7
  • Hardcover, "Muse and Reverie" coll, 350 pages, Pub: 2009 by Tor—ISBN: 978-0-765-32340-8
  • Paperback, "Muse and Reverie" coll, 350 pages, Pub: 2010 by Tor—ISBN: 978-0-765-32341-5

~ Source: ISFdb: A Crow Girls Christmas

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"We have jobs," Maida told Jilly when she and Zia dropped by the professor's house for a visit at the end of November. ~ Full story, Free: Charles de Lint: A Crow Girls Christmas by Charles de Lint & MaryAnn Harris


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