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writer / small publisher

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Alan Grant went to college with Jilly CoppercornIsabelle Copely, and Kathy. Izzy thought he was a good writer, but his dream was to own his own press. Now, is the editor and publisher at his own publishing house East Street Press, publishing small runs of books, e.g. Kathy's.


Dream in college: own small literary press.

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Quiet and solemn.

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Good writer—Kathy thought Alan was a better writer than most of the other students;

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Name What Connection About
"Izzy", Isabelle Copely artist friend going bak to college good friends in college; 
Kathy writer friend going bak to college Izzy's best friend; thought Alan was a good writer;
Jilly Coppercorn artist friend going back to college
Butler University Newford University student English Major
East Street Press small Press Alan's press Alan Grant's publishing house in Newford
Marisa friend encourage him go easy on Izzy;

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