Angelina Marceau, aka the "Grasso Street Angel", her nickname — Character

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Angelina Marceau runs a youth distress center on Grasso Street. She's a walk-in social worker with an office on Grasso Street; will help anyone who needs it, getting them a sponsor to front money to get them through rehab and into a college, an apartment, etc. Willing to fight the system to help charges. Good friend and surrogate mother to Jilly Coppercorn; got her back on her feet after her then-boyfriend Lou Fucceri picked Jilly up off the street.


She helps street kids through a sponsorship program that she’s developed in which straight-up citizens put up money and time to help the down-and-outers get a second chance.

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The only thing she really and honestly cares about is helping people. She is sincere, works hard for homeles kids, puts her rep on the line, stands up to the system for kids.

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An attractive woman with a heart-shaped face, warm and caring eyes, wavy long dark brown hair down her back. Dresses casually;


Office on Grasso Street in Newford near the Tombs.


  •  People figure that something really bad must have happened to her as a kid, for her to do what she does

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Name What Connection About
Lou Fucceri cop former boyfriend helped Jilly off the streets with Angel's help
Jilly Coppercorn artist former runaway Angel helped her off the streets
Maisie Flood street kid  tries to help her street kid with put-together family; squat in the Tombs
Tommy Flood ex-mental patient agrees to help him with Maisie homeless guy Maisie takes care of in their squat in an empty building in the Tombs
Rexy small dog pet follows Maisie everywhere

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