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jay Corbae, punk-folksinger

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Annabel Blue rents one of the second-floor apartments of the Rookery, and runs Uneasy Records out of said apartment.

She is a close friend to Rory Crowther, and has been the object of his mild infatuation for years. Thinking that she never noticed, Rory assumed it would never result in anything, while all the time Annie herself was wondering why he never acted on it.


Her music mainly deals with environmental issues, sometimes overtly political, sometimes cleverly hidden under lyrics that appear to be about interpersonal relationships.

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Annie as 5 feet, 9 inches tall, long-limbed. Her naturally black hair was dyed blonde the summer that Someplace To Be Flying took place, and she had added three more earrings and a nose ring to her collection of seven ear piercings that summer as well.


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  • Stores unsold cassettes and CDs in the basement
  • taste in clothing consists primarily of faded jeans, clunky black work boots, and t-shirts with the sleeves torn off when the weather allows it, baggy sweaters and men's sport coats when it does not.

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Name What Connection About
Rory Crowther human close friend Rory has a thing for her, never acted on
Rookery Corbae santuary resident

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