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Babe is a kind of archetypal Peter Pan who could take you away to a place where you could be forever young


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"Winter Was Hard" — Dreams Underfoot: Jilly met them in the Tombs. The lived in an abandoned car. Their presence helped Jilly forget her pain over a breakup. They may have taken frank with them when they left.

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Babe had short mauve hair and luminous violet eyes. She wore an open raincoat with the thin T-shirt and body stocking underneath on a very cold day.


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  • Standout feature: violet eyes—apparently typical of Gemmins
  • Babe’s speech patterns seemed to change the longer they talked

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Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist friend helped Jilly forget her pain over a breakup
Johnny Defalco Hash dealer passing acquantance Johnny gave Babe her name;
Frank Hodgers elderly man knew of Gemmin Knew that her violet eyes meant memory; may have taken Frank with them when they left; 

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"I suppose you’re all snow elves,” Jilly said, “so the cold doesn’t bother you?”
“Not elves—but we are good neighbors. Would you like some breakfast?”

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