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Section of the City of Newford

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Beaches is where the money lives. There are houses in the Beaches that make the old stately homes in Lower Crowsea look like tenements.


Beaches is separated from the Fitzhenry Park part of town by the Kickaha River, lying to the west of the river. And separated some more by manicured lawns on either side of the river—then the treed hills that hide the homes of the wealthy from the rest of us plebes.


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Lori Snelling young woman grew up there

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"That Explains Poland": Lori Snelling, LaDonna Da Costa and Ruth would get into all kinds of adventurous trouble as teens. They went looking for pirate treasure in the storm sewers under the Beaches—down there for hours, in her father’s spelunking gear; nearly drowned when it started to rain and the sewers filled up. Her papa was not pleased at the mess they made of his gear — Dreams Underfoot

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