Bodachs — a type of faerie.

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Wizened, little, monkey-like fae—sometimes called: "monkey-men"

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  • Monkey-like

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Name What Connection About
Lesli Batterberry teen runaway "Ghosts of Wind and Shadow", DU two Bodachs told Cerin who took Lesli; sees Fae
Cerin Kelledy Bard "Ghosts of Wind and Shadow", DU two Bodachs told him who took Lesli
Meran Kelledy Dryad "Ghosts of Wind and Shadow", DU Bodach treat with deference; 
Jilly Coppercorn artist "In the House of My Enemy", Dreams Underfoot Jilly painted one in one of her Urban Faerie paintings

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"Ghosts of Wind and Shadow" — Dreams Underfoot ✥ Cerin Kelledy talked to two Bodachs in Fitzhenry Park, they told them Lesli Batterberry was abducted by a man and pointed him out (Cutter). ✥ Anna Batterberry saw one from the wind of the Sanitarium where she was staying. he was crossing the lawn pulling a pig with a load of gear like a pack horse. ~ "Ghosts of Wind and Shadow

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