Booger — Creature


Black nightmare creature

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A booger followed Reece (Peregrin Laurie) around since he left parents and home.

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  • two-foot high, walking, grunting booger
  • "Black and greasy, with hot eyes and a mouthful of barracuda teeth… It smelled like a sewer and looked worse, a squat creature that had to have been scraped out of some monstrous nose, with eyes like hot coals in a smear of a face and a slick wet look to its skin—it was alive, clawed and toothed."
  • lips had the rubbery texture of an octopus's skin
  • Row on row of pointed teeth reflected back the light from the streetlights. Hate-hot eyesglimmered red. On silent leathery paws


Follows Reece around since he left home. Leaves destruction in his wake.  



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