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Chloë Graine takes care of the business of running the house business (much of which is delegated to Rory Crowther in exchange for a break on his rent), and looking after Raven in his current passive state.


She lives in the third floor apartment in the Rookery along with Raven.

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Possessed of a physical and mental presence that can cause discomfort in those her attention is fixed on.

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taller than Rory, who is 5'10", with a slender build, dark brown skin (but almost pale next to Raven's) and a fountain of jet black hair.


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  • de facto leader in Raven's place
  • she has a habit of spending long hours perched on the peak of The Rookery's roof.

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Name What Connection About
Raven Corbae shares apartment
Rookery Corbae residence Cloe lives there several other Corbae live there
Rory Crowther Human she delegates tasks to him takes care of Ravenand errands for her for break in rent
Crow Girls Crow Corbae live at Rookery were there when Raven used his pot to stir the world into existence

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