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Corbae are a subset of "Animal People".

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The Corbae are all birds—the term Corbae refers to those whose animal skin is one of the birds of the Corvidae family: crows, ravens, jays, rooks, jackdaws, and magpies,


The Rookery

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  • they have two shapes, or "skins," one human and one avian—like all Animal People.
  • they can fine-tune the details of their human appearance, changing their apparent age and overall look

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Their natures are typical to their avian "little cousins," being generally playful and tending toward strong organization within community groups. They breed cooperatively, with "helper" adults helping in the raising of nestlings. Crows use of social learning within their culture, which allows them to pass down learned information from one generation to the next.

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Rookery Residents
Name What About
Crow Girls Maida and Zia claim to live in the elm tree in the backyard, and it is more than likely true
Lucius Portsmouth, Raven one of the first of the First People lives in the third floor apartment along with Chloë Graine.
Chloë Graine leader in Raven's place lives in the third floor apartment along with Raven
Rory Crowther writer and jeweller rents the first-floor apartment.
Annabel Blue, "Annie" jay Corbae, and a punk-folksinger rents one of the second-floor apartments, and runs Uneasy Records out of said apartment.
Brandon Cole Corbae, young black man, tall and handsome. He is a saxophone player rents the upper of the two small apartments in the carriage house in the backyard
The Aunts Corbae, two elderly sisters, gardeners and water-colorists rents the bottom half of the carriage house
Kerry Madan moves in beginning of Someplace to Be Flying.

Other Corbae
Name  What About
Jack Daw
The Wild Crow Boys
Joe Crazy Dog half-breed of both clan Corbae and Canid
Bogan Boys

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