Crowsea — area of Newford (city)

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Bohemian art scene area of Newford

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  • Dreams Underfoot
    • "Stone Drum" #2
    • "Time Skip" #3
    • "Freewheeling" #4
    • "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep" #13
    • "Our Lady of the Harbour"
    • "Paperjack"
    • "Tallulah"


The area had narrow streets and old stone buildings, it had an old world feel about it.


Newford (city)

Lower CrowseaEdit

Crowsea Market

A section of the Market in Lower Crowsea, where it backs onto the Kickaha River, that’sgot a kind of Old World magic about it. The roads are too narrow for normal vehicular traffic, so most people go through on bicycles or by foot. The buildings lean close to each other over the cobble stoned streets that twist and wind in a confusion that not even the city’s mapmakers have been able to unravel to anyone’s satisfaction. ~ "Tallualah"


  • Jilly's loft: the second floor of a four-story brown brick building on Yoors Street where Foxville’s low rentals mingle with Crowsea’s shops and older houses. ~ Timeskip"
  • Bicycle theft ring moved their operations into Crowsea—bikes are probably in a Foxville chop shop. ~ "Freewheeling"
  • Christy writes in Market in Lower Crowsea

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  • Henratty Lane — leads into the narrow streets and crowded backalleys of Crowsea (part of Stanton Street Ghost's route)
  • Battersfield Road — Kathryn's Cafe
  • McKennit — Kelledy House
  • McKennitt Street Bridge
  • Stanton Street —'s apartment
  • Lee
  • Yoors

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Name What Connection
Professor Bramley Dapple professor, wizard lives in a rambling Tudor-styled house in the old quarter of Lower Crowsea
Christy Riddell writor, author often at Bramley's; part of art scene; writes in the Market; 
Jilly Coppercorn artist works, lives there; paints Crowsea street scenes
Geordie Riddell musician: fiddler lives, hangs there
Wendy St. James works there

works at Kathryn's Cafe

Meran Kelledy flutist, Dryad
Cerin Kelledy harpist, bard
Stanton Street Ghost passes through follows a set route taking him through Crowsea
Zoe Brill Radio DJ, late night lives, hangs at cafes there
Gordon Wolfe approached Zoe at cafe in Crowsea
Moore’s Antiques Antiques dealer in Lower Crowsea; Geordie & Jilly found picture of Sam from 1912

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