Del CarterJilly Coppercorn's Brother

Del Carter
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race human
Occupation unknown
Birthplace Hillbilly Holler in Tyson
Date of Birth unknown
Location Hillbilly Holler in Tyson
Books appeared in In the House of My Enemy (Dreams Underfoot); The Onion Girl

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Del Carter started molesting his three-year-old sister Jilly Coppercorn, then known as , when he was eleven.


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visious bully, rapist, perpetrator, abuser

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Hillbilly Holler section of Tyson

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Del Carter started molesting his three-year-old sister— Jillian May Carter (aka Jilly Coppercorn) when he was eleven back in Hillbilly Holler, a part of Tyson. He would touch her down between her legs while their parents were out drinking or sobering updown in the kitchen. Jilly was eight when her mother walked in on one of his rapes and she right out again until Del was finished. She waited until Del had left the room, then she started screaming at Jilly—calling her a slut and accusing her of doing it to him. When her dad found out, he beat Del badly. The family would all stop talking when she entered he room and glare at her ilke "a bug". At first her dad wanted to help her, but in the end he really wasn’t any better than her mother. It was in his eyes: he blamed Jilly for it, too. He never came close to me anymore, never let me feel like I was normal. He had her see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist would lean across his desk, all smiles and smarmy understanding, and try to get her to talk, but she never told him anything. She didn’t trust him. Jilly learned that she couldn’t trust men. Couldn’t trust women either, thanks to her mother. Her idea of working things out was to send Jilly to confession. —

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Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn runaway, artist little sister he started raping her at age 3, he was 11
Raylene Carter bad ass runaway youngest sister he started raping her after Jilly left

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

"In the House of My Enemy" — Dreams Underfoot: Jilly recalls how he raped her for years starting at age 3. How there mother blamed her, her father beat him, how Del wanted revenge. How she runaway to become an addict and a prostitute just trying to survive.

The Onion Girl:


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