Dingo (2008)

Dingo (Newford #22) by Charles de Lint — The twenty-second book in the Newford series.

Dingo (2008) — The twenty second book in the Newford series. 
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BOOK 22 BLURB—Dingo (2008): High school senior Miguel's life is turned upside down when he meets new girl Lainey, whose family has just moved from Australia. With her tumbled red-gold hair, her instant understanding of who he is, and her unusual dog a real Australian dingo, she's unforgettable. And, as he quickly learns, she is on the run from an ancient bargain made by her ancestors. There's no question that Miguel will do whatever he can to help her, but what price will each of them have to pay? Dingo is quintessential Charles de Lint, set close to his beloved, invented city of Newford a mixture of darkness and hope, humor and mystery, and the friendship within love. ~ Goodreads | Dingo (Newford #22)


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  • Australia
  • East Shore

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Characters What About
Lainey Australian Newcomer to town
Johnny Ward

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  • Scott Fischer: 2008 Hardcover, Firebird / Penguin

~ Source: ISFdb: Cover: Dingo

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Publishers: Firebird

  • Hardcover, First Ed., 213 pages, Pub: March 7th 2008 by Firebird—ISBN: 0142408166

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No one likes to think it of their father, but there are days when I can't help but feel that somehow I got stuck with the biggest loser of all loser dads. ~ Shelfari


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