Elderee — Character, Otherworlder

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Guardian of the road

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Simian like, sentient, talking being who Walks the Road protecting it from evil beings. Lorio Munn finds him wounded in an alley. He passes on the duty of guarding the road while he is unable to.

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duty bound by choice

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He has simian-like features, orange fur, he looks like an orangutan


magical abilities

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Name What Connection About
Lorio Munn half-gypsy passes power to her Elderee passes the power and knowledge to guard the road to her; She can do it with her Romany blood;
Terry Dixon bass guitar player gave ride drove him to zoo for medical help
Dorn pale-faced man, evil being, Mahail's minion tries to keep Lorio from road; gave Lorio to Mahail in dream
Mahail’s hound Polrech hunted Elderee cross between a hyena and a wolf, saber-toothed, acid saliva, red fiery eyes, Taloned paws;
Lankelly, aka The Wood valley home sacred grove in the heart of the valley
Mahail tentacled monster tried to eat Lorio in dream monstrous bloated shape with coal-eyes and a gaping maw, tentacles; fed on hearts, left the shells;
Jacca friend being who guards the Roads calls the place where all roads meet: Lankelly
Mabena friend being who guards the Roads Elderee wants Lorio to meet Jacca and Mabena
Metro Zoo Zoo treated him for winds Lorio and Terry dropped him off there

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Lorio Munn finds him badly wounded in the alley across from the club she plays in.


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