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Human woman

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Ellen Brady can see magical beings but struggle with belief in magic.

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Struggles wiht faith yet willing to help someone in need. 

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She has long brown hair, which hangs down to her waist, big-boned frame with a bit of dark colouring. Her eyes are a clear grey, "twilight eyes . . . that could see beyond the here and now into somewhere else."

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  • fan of Christy Riddell's writing
  • Her parents were Irish—Munster O’Healys onher mother’s side, and Bradys from Derry on her father’s—there was a touch of Spanish blood in her mother’s side of the family

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Ellen Brady would see magical beings that she calls Balloon Men propelled by ocean breezes, rolling along the beach or down the alley behind her house. Those were special nights when the Balloon Men came. In the late Sixties on Haight–Ashbury she spoke of them with Greg Longman who claimed to also be able to see them only floating up in the air. ~ "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair"

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Ellen live a self-imposed poverty in the Summer of love—in Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, in the late 1960's. In the room, up on the third floor of a house that no one lived in except for runaways and street people. Jasmine incense cones burned on a battered windowsill, the scent laying over an old musty smell, there was an old iron bed with a mattress had rust-colored stains on it.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Reece young man aids after a beating; helps rid him of his Booger
Christy Riddell author Ellen is a fan of his writing Ellen reads from his book
Uncle Dobbin shop owner in Christy's book in Christy Riddell's book; talks about believing in magic or losing it
Nori Wert shop worker in Christy's book in Christy Riddell's book; lost her magic in bird form by not believing in it
Professor Bramley Dapple Professor in Christy's book in Christy Riddell's book; talks about believing in magic for it to exist;
Jilly Coppercorn student in Christy's book in Christy Riddell's book
Goon Skookin (goblin/troll) in Christy's book Dapple's manservant; in Christy Riddell's book
Greg Longman sixties hippie old boyfriend could see the Balloon Men float in the air
Long gnome, or a gnomish sort of a man in Christy's book lived under the pier at the end of Main Street

Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

  • Dreams Underfoot (1993) — "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair" (1991): Ellen assists Reese after being beaten by thugs. He says cruel things to her to discourage her—because go the Booger that is following him. But she helps anyway, tends his winds and feeds him. Reece helps her find her magic and she helps him get rid of the Booger.

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“ When the wind is right, the wise man isn’t half so trusted as the fool.” ~ Christy Riddell in his book "How to Make the Wind Blow" — Dreams Underfoot — "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair"

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