Father Sully — Character

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Ex-priest, human

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Alcoholic ex-priest who hangs out at Jimmy's Billiards on Vine and Palm


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All arms and legs, buggy eyes, hair that stand up like antennae or centipede's legs—there's something of an insect about him.


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  • Hangout: Jimmy's Billiards on Vine and Palm

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Name What Connection About
Sammy human seeks his advice asks Sully about the monsters in his found photos killing a man, future-dated
Jimmy's Billards poll hall hangout Sammy found him there

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

Tapping the Dream Tree — "Wingless Angels": Sammy seeks out Father Sully to get information about the creatures killing a man in the photos developed fro found roll of film—all future dated.


"Wingless angels," he adds, tuning back to me. "And don't ask them to sing—it'll just break their heart. it's very distressing, as I'm sure you can imagine. They get all maudlin and homesick, which isn't a pretty sight. Mind you, they're never a pretty sight, are they?" . . . "They sing like angels, but they can't fly, Chose the wong side when the war raged in heaven and now they're living down below with the rest of the sinners. Lusifer's boys. . . .  See, sometimes they walk among us, but they can't ever have what we have. A shot at getting back upstairs." — Father Sully, "Wingless Angels", Tapping the Dream Tree

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