Feeney’s Kitchen

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Folk club

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Feeney's Kitchen—one of Newford's many cafés and Butler University student hangouts; live music—Geordie Riddell and his musician friends play there a lot;

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A popular hangout for those Butler University students who didn't like disco and punk or New Wave.


In Lower Crowsea,




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Name What Connection About
Matt Casey vocals, bouzouki, guitar Musician aloof
Amy Scallan Uillean pipes and whistles long-time musical associate accepts Matt as he is, a brilliant musician
Nicky Doyle on fiddle band mate, one and half years tired of Matt's aloofness
Johnny Ryan on tenor banjo, classic Gibson mando-cello band mate, one and half years tired of Matt's aloofness
Lucia Han performance artist in Upper Foxville old friend of Amy’s mid-thirties; Chinese; punk style;
Katrina Ludvigsen mermaid (lakeborn) Lucia Han brought her watch Matt play
Geordie Riddell Fiddler  plays there plays with Matt and Amy later
Marrowbones Irish folk band plays at Feeney’s Matt, Amy, Nicky, Ryan

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