Foxville — Area of Newford (city)

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Area of Newford (city)

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Low-rent Area of Newford, mixed residential and businesses. The Tombs are located in Upper Foxville.

At night, it's part of the Newford night scene


Adjacent to Crowsea in Newford.


  • Jilly’s studio on Yoors Street where Foxville’s low rentals minglewith Crowsea’s shops and older houses. ~ "Timeskip"

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  • Jilly Coppercorn's studio
  • Your Second Home — other side of Foxville
  • Gracie Street — border street between Upper Foxville and Foxville proper
  • Geordie's apartment is in the heart of Rosses—Kelly Street meets Lee and crosses the Kickaha River, two doors down from The Harp.
  • The Harp — only real Irishpub in town


South of Gracie StreetEdit

It’s all low-rent apartment buildings and tenements, shabby old places that manage to hangon to an old world feel, mostly because it’s still families living here, just like it’s been for a hundred years.

North of Gracie StreetEdit

Known as "Upper Foxville, aka the Tombs—a bunch of developers got together and planned to give the area a new facelift. The plans: condominiums, shopping malls, parks. Basically what they wanted to do was shove ahigh class suburb into the middle of the city. Only what happened was their backers pulled out while theywere in the middle of leveling about a square mile of city blocks, so now the whole area’s just a mess of empty buildings and rubble-strewn lots.

"It’s creepy, looking out on it from Gracie Street. It’s like standing on the line of a map that divides civilization from no-man’s-land. You almost expect some graffiti to say, “Here there be dragons.” And maybe they wouldn’t be so far off. Because you can find dragons in Upper Foxville—the very bad kind that ride chopped-down Harleys. The Devil’s Dragon. Bikers making deals with their junkies.
The open spaces of rubble in Upper Foxville—in those desolate blocks north of Gracie, there’s no place to hide, and too many places—all at the same time. ~ LaDonna — "That Explains Poland", Dreams Underfoot

The RossesEdit

That’s where the Irish immigrants all lived in the nineteen-forties and fifties. The place started changing in the sixties when a lot of hippies who couldn’t afford the rents in Crowsea moved in, and it changed again with a new wave of immigrants from Vietnam and the Caribbean in the following decades.

Geordie Riddell lives in the heart of the Rosses where Kelly Street meets Lee and crosses the Kickaha River. It's two doors down from The Harp.

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  • Gracie Street
  • Kelly Street
  • Kelly Street Bridge
  • Lee Street

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Name What Connection About
YoMan punk club Psycho Puppies on Gracie Street near the corner of Landis Avenue
The Harp only real Irish pub in the heart of The Rosses two doors down from where Geordie lives
Tombs slum Upper Foxville north of Gracie Street

Character Connections Edit

Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist
Geordie Riddell fiddler lives in the Rosses two doors down from The Harp
Lori young woman hunt Bigfoot with friends contest to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs friends: LaDonna, Ruth
Ruth young woman hunt Bigfoot with friends agrees to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs; friends: LaDonna, Lori
LaDonna young woman hunt Bigfoot with friends agrees to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs friends: Lori, Ruth

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✥ "That Explains Poland" — LaDonna, Lori and Ruth agree to a contest to hunt Bigfoot in the Tombs in the upper Foxville part of Newford—to start the next day. The losers take the winner out to restaurant of her choice. This was instigated by Lori, the trios chief trouble maker after reading headlines in a newspaper. ~ Dreams Underfoot

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