Goon, aka Olaf Goonasekara — Character 

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Goon is Skookin (goblin-like creature).

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Goon is employed by Professor Bramley Dapple as his manservant in a large house. The Professor claimed he was a goblin and just called him Goon.

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He's generally grumpy type ~ The Wordwood

Physical DescriptionEdit

"A brown-skinned goblin—tallish creature at three-foot-four

Features: barely four feet tall, protruding stomach and puffed cheeks, the halo of unruly hair and his thin little arms and legs; he looked like a pumpkin with twiglimbs, or a monkey.

Garb: wore the garb of an organ-grinder’s monkey: striped black and yellow trousers, a red jacket with yellow trim, small black slippers, and a little green and yellow cap that pushed down an unruly mop of thin dark curly hair. Gangly limbs with a protruding tummy, puffed cheeks, a wide nose, and tiny black eyes added to his monkey-like appearance." ~  "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair", Dreams Underfoot

Other DetailsEdit

  • Wears garish clothing
  • He has two rows of nasty looking teeth
  • Goon is now the Skookin King ~ "The Stone Drum"
  • He himself insisted on being called Goon
  • His costume didn’t seem to allow Goon much dignity, but it was entirely of his own choosing. Bramley hated Goon’s sense of fashion
  • He doesn't seem to like Jilly, much.
  • Jilly's Dream: Goon was being served by Bramley and he was warning Jilly that Skookin are real—as he did, his head turned pumpkin-like and he said "that means you are in trouble".

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Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection Story About
Professor Bramley Dapple human employer "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair", "The Stone Drum" teaches art at Butler U
Jilly Coppercorn artist saw she took artifact "The Stone Drum" received the artifact back as king; removed the curse sign 
Meran Kelledy Oak King's daughter, dryad knew Goon "The Stone Drum" "had dealing with Olaf before"
Skookins goblin-like creatures he is one "The Stone Drum" Goon claims the throne, exposed a traitor
Old City sunken part of city Skookin community "The Stone Drum" joined Meran and Jilly enroute to Skookins, on his own business

Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

"Stone Drum": Goon recongnied the Stone Drum artifact the Jilly brought to Professor Bramley Dapple's home and immediately dropped a tray of tea with a loud clatter of smashing dishes. Later met Meran Kelledy and Jilly in the tunnels going into Old City and joined them with Meran's consent, claiming business of his own. When they got there, he revealed that the king was really sad that the clue advisor had pulled a ruse. Goon, as the king's son, is now the king, provided he return once a month to fulfill his duties. — Dreams Underfoot


“You must always confront your fears,” Goon said as though she hadn’t spoke. “Then skulkingmonsters become merely unfamiliar shadows, thrown by a tree bough. Whispering voices are just thewind. The wild flare of panic is merely a burst of emotion, not a terror spell cast by some evil witch.” ~ Goon — "The Stone Drum" — Dreams Underfoot

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