Granny Weather — Witch in Dreamland, Otherworld 

Granny Weather
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race faerie
Occupation witch magic
Birthplace unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Location Dreamland bog
Books appeared in

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A hag or crone with magic

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"She’s wizened and small and bent over—and dry. Like kindling, like the pages of an old book. Like she’s almost all used up. Hair thin, body thinner. But then you look into hereyes and they’re so alive." — "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep"


Magic, spells, 

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Granny Weather's Cottage—a small one-room cottage on a clearing in a bog in the Otherworld; a place where Sophie Etoile visits in her dreams.  

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  • she tossed a stone into the water—a kind of "window" to another scene appears. Sophie saw a woman trapped y a stone under water.

Dreamland Edit

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Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Sophie Etoile half faerie woman met in dream world helps her save the Moon
Jeck Crow crow, man met in dream world become lovers
The Moon Faerie helps save her
Bogles dark creatures trapped the moon offered Sophie wish to let Moon die

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

Dreams Underfoot — "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep":


"She looks like the wizened old crone in that painting Jilly did for Geordie when he got onto this kick of learning fiddle tunes with the word “hag” in the title: “The Hag in the Kiln,” “Old Hag You Have Killed Me,” “The Hag With the Money” and god knows how many more." ~ "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep"

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