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Record store in Newford

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Gypsy Records is an Alternative Record Store. The store carries best sellers but the main part of its sales come from more obscure titles—imports and albums published by independent record labels.

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The people working in them actuallyknow something about what they’re selling.

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Albums, singles and compact discs of punk, traditional folk, jazz, heavy metal and alternative music.


Gypsy Records on Williamson Street, one of the city’s main arteries.

  • Williamson Street begins as Highway 14 outside the city. Along each side are found fast food outlets, malls and warehouses. On its way downtown, it becomes more and more residential until it reaches downtown where there are shops and low-rise apartments mingling together.


  • Employees mostly look like they stepped out of British alternative fashion magazines—except for Sam.

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The store gets its name from John Butler. John is short and round-bellied man and not a real gypsy since he has no Romany blood. The business began out of the back of a hand-drawn cart that gypsied its way around the city for years, always keeping just ahead of the municipal licensing board’s agents.

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Name What Connection About
Samantha Rey Human employee Dressed more straight than the other employees
Geordie Riddell Fiddler customer; former temporary employee would mostly go to see Sam

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The best return tried by a customer based on defect was an album of a live performance by Marcel Marceau. Each side had thirty minutes of silence, with applause at the end.

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