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Used book shop owner / human

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Short stories:

  • "Embracing the Mystery"
  • "Pixel Pixies"
  • "Saskia"

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Holly owns a bookshop in Newford. She lives above her shop, Holly Rue Used Books, with her dog, Snippet, and the hob Dick Bobbins. She is one of the creators of the WordWood. Holly is one of the "Newford Gang", along with so many others.


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Holly Rue's book shop. The sign on the door simply says "Holly Rue - Used Books." The store hosts a book club on the last Wednesday of every month. Members include Holly Rue, Sheri Piper, and Kathryn Whelan.

This shop is featured in a number of books and stories. Here's the start of a list, please keep adding:

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Name What Connection About
Granny Weather witch in Dreamworld summoned Holly  captured by Bogles
Wordwood Web site a creator in an imaginary city in a world reached only through dreams; created by Holly Rue, among others
Dick Bobbins hob lives hidden in Holly's book shop
Snippet dog

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Tapping the Dream Tree —"Pixel Pixies": Vicious pixies from the Internet emerge through a computer screen to wreak havoc in Holly Rue's secondhand bookstore and annoy its unsuspected tenant, a shy but valiant hobgoblin—Dick Bobbins. ~ Charles de Lint: Tapping the Dream Tree (2002) Description

Spirits in the Wires:

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