The Very Best of Charles de Lint

The Very Best of Charles de Lint (2010)

"In Which We Meet Jilly Coppercorn" — A short story that opens The Very Best of Charles de Lint, a collecton of stories by Charles de Lint.
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The very first piece in The Very Best of Charles de Lint, "In Which We Meet Jilly Coppercorn," is an excerpt from de Lint's story "Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair," and serves to introduce the reader to a character who not only recurs in many of de Lint's stories and novels, but also serves as a nexus for many of the relationships and magical occurrences throughout de Lint's oeuvre. While this introduction to the character isn't strictly necessary, it does provide a perfect start to the collection as a whole. ~ SF Site: The Very Best of Charles de Lint


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Jilly Coppercorn
Professor Bramley Dapple

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“The world as we have it is here mostly because of habit. We’ve all agreed that certain things exist—we’re taught as impressionable infants that this is a table and this is what it looks like, that’s a tree out the window there, a dog looks and sounds just so. At the same time we’re informed that Goon and his like don’t exist, so we don’t–or can’t—see them.” ~ Charles de Lint – “In Which We Meet Jilly Coppercorn”, in The Very Best of Charles de Lint.
"Things Exist Because We Believe Them To Exist"



This story is a snippet of a longer short story ("Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair") in Dreams Underfoot and it essentially serves as an introduction to the world Newford.

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