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Storyteller / First People

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Jack is a storyteller. Even though he's telling impossible stories that have their roots in Native American creation myths, he's such a great storyteller that while he's talking, you believe every word he says. Raven created the world by stirring his pot? Sure, he did. Coyote wants to steal that pot and causes all kind of trouble as he tries? We know it. We believe because he believes.


One prosaic character says that Jack tells these stories to make the world make sense. But he's consistent and puts himself in his stories. What if what he says is true? What if all of these animal spirits really exist? What if he's really one of them?

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But in the present day, he's a pretty chill guy. He just likes to tell his stories and live at the margins of society. He doesn't really feel like he has anything to prove to anyone. He also takes people as they are. He would give anyone the shirt off his back. But that thing in his past that he won't talk about? You get the feeling that it has as much to do with his own actions as it does with what others did to him. There's a darkness in Jack Daw. He fights it and tries his best to live in Grace, but it's definitely there. More tellingly, he speaks longingly of Grace.

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"He was a tall, gangly man, all long legs and arms, smooth-shaven and raven-haired, with skin a few shades darker than her own coffee-and-cream complexion. His cowboy boots were black. His jeans were an old and faded gray, shirt black, as were the flat-brimmed hat and duster he invariably wore." ~ The Introverted Reader: Character Connection: Jack Daw


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Along with Raven and the Crow Girls, Jack Daw was there when the world was brought out of the before time. ~ The Wordwood | Char / CrowGirls browse

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Name What Connection About
Hank Walker illegal downtown cab driver friend heard his stories  part of a close knit family of people living on the fring of society
Lily Carson photojouralist heard his stories inspired by his stoires to seek the animal people
Crow Girls Corbae there with Jack & Raven when the world was brought out of the before time
Nettie Bean

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His stories inspires Lily Carson, a photojournalist, to seek the Animal People.


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