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One of the Littles

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Jenky Wood is a Little who came to Sheri Piper to ask her to help them become birds again. He was sent as an emissary by they clan chief, Palko John, because of his good-natured manner.


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Jenky is known of being too good-natured to offend or be offended.

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He was a small hamster-sized man, stretching the length from the tip of her middle finger to the heel of her palm. Dressed in raggedy clothes with the look of a bird about him—eyes wide set, hook nose, plump body, limbs were twig-thin. His hair was a tangle of short brown curls and for a rectangular wire-framed eyeglasses. He appeared to be in his mid-forties.


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  • In bird form: grayish brown

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Name What Connection About
Sheri Piper children's book author-artist Jenky sent to get her help wrote about Littles
Meran Kelledy Oat King's Daughter helps Jenky used her magic to turn Jenky and his entire clan to birds with option to change at will from Little to bird;
Holly Rue book shop owner got Meran for his quest Sheri told her of her mission for Jenky
Dick Bobbins hob present around in background at Holly's store
Yula Gry Little sister of Jenky's brother, Sammy found Sheri Piper's book
Palko John "Big Man" Little; clan chief chief of all the tribe;  decided to send Jenky Wood to seek Sheri's help
Sammy Little Yula's brother

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“Big City Littles" in Tapping the Dream Tree: Children's author, Sheri Piper, awoke one morning to a little man sitting on her pillow. She knew what he was since she wrote a children's story book about Littles. She just never expected them to be real. Rather than being alarmed, she felt calm. She agreed to help him and his clan to find out how to become birds again but declined their last wish that he offered her as a reward—believing that people should earn what they get and magic wishes were creepy, not to be trusted. Jenky knew then that they sought out the right person. Sheri sets about the task of helping with the help of Meran Kelledy. ~ "Big City Littles"


   "I Just don't like the idea of magic wishes. There's something creepy about them. I think we should earn what we get, not have it handed to us on a silver platter."
   That earned her a warm smile.
   "I think we definitely chose the right person to help us," he said. —— Sheri Piper, Jenky Wood

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