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Joe Crazy Dog
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Real Name Wiskenjon
Clan Mixed

Joe Crazy Dog or Joseph Crazy Dog, is an Otherworlder,

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Joe Crazy Dog is a half-breed of both clan Corbae and Canid

Description / Bio[]

People know him as "Bones"—he sits in Fitzhenry Park telling fortunes with bones (rodent and bird) that he'd spread over a piece of deerskin. The bones would tell him stories about what's been, what is, or what might be.


Many otherworlders believe that since he is of mixed clans, he is weaker. The fact of the matter is that he actually has the powers of both the Canid and Corbae clans making him much more powerful than your typical otherworlder.

Personality and Character[]

  • One moment he's the clown, the next the wise man.
  • Ha a Trickster side can start to swamp the wise side—he can get a little loco

Physical Decription[]

wears jeans, scuffed work boots, T-shirt says "don't buy Thai!—he also wears the head of a coyote or wolf sometimes. His face has dark coppery coloring, broad features, spuare chin, eyes set wide, nose flat. His long black hair is tied back i a braid bearing feathers. His eyes shift like mercury. ~ The Onion Girl


  • Can shape change, or partial shape-change;
  • Can cross into the spirit world

Other Details[]

  • smokes cigarette
  • Jilly tried but finds it impossible to capture the slow-wiseman in a painting.
  • Been teaching Jilly for about two years about how to cross into the spirit world by walking in her body.

History / Background[]

Connections (characters, places)[]

Name What Connection
Jilly Coppercorn Human Joe is part of Jilly's coterie of friends

Events in the Series (spoilery area)[]

The Onion Girl: Jilly visits with Joe in the Otherworld when she crosses there while in a coma, paralyzed and hospitalized after a vicious accident. (ch5)


"There's more to life than just surviving." ~ Joe to Jilly, The Onion Girl

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