Johnny Defalco

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Hash dealer

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Johnny Defalco is a hash dealer who centered his trade around the Clark Building up until the end of the summer when he’d made the mistake of sellingto a narc and had to leave the city just one step ahead of a warrant.


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  • his taste seemed to run more to whather bouncer friend Percy called the three B’s—bold, blonde and built

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  • All the Gemmins say they miss Johnny Defalco who left town to doge a warrant.
  • He told stories to the walls—Gemmins would creep close and listen to him

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Name What Connection About
Babe Gemmin knew around Johnny gave her her name;
Jilly Coppercorn artist talked to him around Clarke Building
Gemmins magical beings kew around All say they miss Johnny
Tombs deals there

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Johnny gave Babe her name; when ever he saw Babe, he'd say "Hey Babe, how’re ya doin’?”


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