Kathryn's Cafe Place

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Cafe and meeting place

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Kathryn's Café is one of Newford's many student hang-outs and job opportunities for aspiring artists.


The café on Battersfield Road, nestled in the heart Lower Crowsea, not far from Butler University in Newford.

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"It was like the area itself, with its narrow streets and old stone buildings, the cafe had an old world feel about it—from the dark wood paneling and hand-carved chair backs to the small round tables, with checkered tablecloths, fat glass condiment containers and straw-wrapped wine bottles used as candleholders. The music piped in over the house sound system was mostly along the lines of Telemann and Vivaldi, Kitaro and old Bob James albums. The waitresses wore cream-colored pinafores over flower-print dresses." ~ "The Stone Drum" — Dreams Underfoot

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Name What Connection Story About
Jilly Cop-percorn artist employee "Conjure Man" BFF & soul-sis: Wendy;
Wendy St. James poet, "art crowd " employee "Conjure Man" BFF & soul-sis: Jilly;
Meran Kelledy Dryad customer "Stone Drum" talk with Jilly: Stone Drum
Geordie Riddell fiddler musician see Jilly, eat "Paperjack" look for Jilly: found info on Sam

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