Katrina Ludvigsen — Mermaid

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Katrina Ludvigsen is if the Lake People. She longed to be be with Matt Casey and made a deal with the Lake Witch who took her voice in payment for giving her legs. She was found by Lucia Han who brought her to Feeney’s Kitchen where Matt worked. she has one week to get him to proclaim his love or loses her soul


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determined, innocent

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The Lake

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Name What Connection About
Matt Casey musician, singer Katrina loves him has one week to proclaim his love
Wolfe Island Island off Newford hear Matt there fell in love with Matt, took potion to get legs to win his love
Lucia Han performance artist Found Katrin in water took her in, brought to see Matt; Chinese;
Feeney’s Kitchen folk club Marrowbones play there Katrina watched Matt play
Maraghreen Lake Witch took her scales and gave her legs with a bitter potion that tasted of witch blood; satisfied her impossible need, but took Katrina’s voice in payment

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Katrina Ludvigsen heard Matt Casey's voice as he sang on Wolfe Island. She fell in love with his voice. Longed to be with him him but feared that all he would see is her hideous scales. When she cried, the lake whispered to her to see Maraghreen, the Lake Witch. So, she did. The witch gave her a brew that tasted of witch blood—it took her scales and gave her legs. The witch took her voice as payment.


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