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Home of Meran Kelledy and Cerin Kelledy.

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A magical place, on the edge between the Realworld and Otherworld.

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rambling old house—tall, gabled building surrounded by giant oak trees. There was a rounded tower in the front to the right of a long screen-enclosed porch, stables around the back, and a garden along the west side of the house that seemed to have been plucked straight from a postcard of the English countryside.


The Kelledys’ house was the eastern-most of the stately estates that stood, row on row, along McKennitt Street, between Lee and Yoors. Some stories suggest it is located on Stanton Street. It straddles the border between Crowsea and Chinatown.

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Name What Connection About
Meran Kelledy dryad lives in house house owner
Cerin Kelledy bard lives in house house owner
Jilly Coppercorn artist friend stays overnight before returning the stone drum with Meran


Meran Kelledy let Jilly stay overnight there to be safe from the Skookins until they could set out on their quest to return the stone drum artifact. That night, pumpkin-head Skookins surrounded the house. One with serrated teeth nearly smashed a window when the bough of a great oak tree came swooping between the creature and the house. The tall trees looked like animated giants flailing their many limbs around until the creatures all ran off and the tree were just trees again. ~ "Stone Drum" — Dreams Underfoot

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