Kickaha River

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The Kickaha River flows through Newford (city).

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The Kickaha had its source north of the reserve and cut through the city on its way to the lake. In this part of town it separated the business section and commercial waterfront from the Beaches where the money lives.

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  • Gracie Street Bridge — "Our Lady of the Harbour"
  • Kelly Street Bridge — "Tallulah"
  • Stanton Street Bridge —
  • McKennitt Street Bridge — "Tallulah"

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  • Mermaids were spotted by Amy Scallan, ~ "Our Lady of the Harbour"

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Kickaha River was named after that branch of the Algonquin language family that originally livedin this area before the white men came and took it all away from them. All the tribe had left now was a reservation north of the city and this river named after them.

Character Connections Edit

Name What Connection About
Katrina Ludvigsen mermaid met her sisters  at the river by the 
Amy Scallan folk musician followed Katrina saw Katrina's sisters in river give her a knife to kill Matt Casey with
Paperjack origami artist, fortunteller  Geordie found him by river told fotune
Christy Riddell writer favorite bench by river writes there
Tallulah woman met Christy there she may be the spirit of he city

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"Our Lady of the Harbour": Katrina Ludvigsen went down to the river bank where MacNeil ended at Lee Street, the followed it to the Gracie Street Bridge where there was the ruins of an old L & B sawmill. Amy Scallan had followed Katrina there and then she saw four Mermaids bobbing in the river, all slender and graceful with the same spun gold hair as Katrina—except theirs was cut off to the scalp. — Dreams Underfoot

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