'LaDonna Da 'Costa — Characters

Vital statistics
Gender female
Race human
Birthplace Barrio in Newford
Date of Birth age 21
Location Newford
Books appeared in "That Explains Poland" — Dreams Underfoot

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Young woman

Books and Stories this Character Appears In Edit

  • Dreams Underfoot
    • "Freewheeling" #4
    • "That Explains Poland" #5 (lead)
    • "Conjure Man" #11

Defining Description or Bio Edit

Lori gets LaDonna and Ruth to hunt Bigfoot in Upper Foxville—part of the Tombs.


Lori gets LaDonna and Ruth to agree to hunt Bigfoot in Upper Foxville while having drinks at the Monkey Woman’s Nest.

Personality and CharacterEdit

Kinds of trouble she got into was staying out too late, or smoking behind the gym—little ordinary troubles—untill she met Lori.

Physical DecriptionEdit

Age 21


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Residence Location Edit

apartment on Lee Street in Crowsea, across from Fitzhenry Park.

Other DetailsEdit

  • She liked her black jeans tight and her leather skirt short—just for fun
  • She rarely thinks isn Spanish anymore from hanging around Anglos so much.

Meeting Lori and Ruth Edit

One day skipped school with her brother Pipo and went down to the Pier where she met Ruth. Ruth introduced her to Lori who "introduced me to more trouble than I could ever have gotten into on my own."

History / Background Edit

Grew up in the barrio. LaDonna only speaks Spanish anymore when she goes there—visiting the family on birthdays and holidays. She worked hard to get out.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Lori Snelling Young woman friend Hunt Bigfoot in Upper Foxville
Ruth Young woman friend Hunt Bigfoot in Upper Foxville
Byron Murphy sports clinic at Butler U. as a therapist Lori’s old boyfriend Lori gets him to dress i an ape costume to take picts to win the bet
Bigfoot supposed monster hunted him warned Bigfoot Newford not safe for him
Monkey Woman’s Nest Mexican restaurant LaDonna, Lori, Ruth have drinks there Lori gets them to agree to hunt Bigfoot in Upper Foxville
Pipo young man brother skip school with him, met Ruth one then Lori
Zorb club Fat Man Blues Band Ruth was crazy about their bass player
Donita LaDonna's Mom LaDonna is youngest daughter still gets asked when daughter going to settle down
Watley’s Department Store downtown store broke in as teens Lori, LaDonna, Ruth spent night there tying clothes,  eating chocolate, etc
Jilly Coppercorn artist friend,  pointed LaDonna out to Sue, tired of dancing
Sue Ashworth architect  friend Jilly told Sue to dance with LaDonna
Yo Man club danced there Band: Psycho Puppies
Wendy St. James Poet friend didn't believe her ghost story, now she has her own weird story with John Windle
Crowsea area of Newford resides there apartment on Lee Street across from Fitzhenry Park
Foxville area of Newford clubs there; hunted Bigfoot YoMan
Tombs Upper Foxville hunted Bigfoot warned Bigfoot Newford not safe for him

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

✥ "Freewheeling" #4: She was at the Yo ManJilly Coppercorn pointed her out to Sue Ashworth. Jilly suggested that Sue dance with LaDonna since she needed a break.

✥ "That Explains Poland" #5: LaDonna Da Costa, Lori Snelling and Ruth agree to a contest to hunt bigfoot in the Tombs in the Upper Foxville part of Newford—to start the next day. The losers take the winner out to restaurant of her choice. This was instigated by Lori, the trios chief trouble maker after reading headlines in a newspaper.

Lori has a guy—Byron Murphy—dress in an ape suit, take pictures of him. LaDonna DaCosta soon after, comes face-to-face with the real Bigfoot. She sees intellegence in his eyes and imagines what they'd do to him if they caught him. She puts away her camera and and warns him in a friendly way that the city is not safe for him. He tips his hat and wanders off. LaDonna uses the pictures she did take to to get Lori to her and Ruth out to a fancy dinner. — Dreams Underfoot

"Conjure Man" #11: Wendy St. James is feeling exasperated by Jilly and LaDoanna insisting that the impossible, things of fantasy, were real and that they actually happened to them.


"My true self—the way I see me—is like an alley cat, crouching for shelter under a car, watching the world go by. I’m comfortable in Crow-sea’snarrow streets and alleyways. They’re like the barrio where I got my street smarts. It’s easy to duck away from trouble, to get lost in the shadows. To hang out and watch, but not be seen." ~ LaDonna, "That Explains Poland" — Dreams Underfoot

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