Lankelly — aka the Wood

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Lankelly, called the Wood by some, is a valley that holds the sacred grove in its heart. It is where all the 'roads' meet.

You need only walk it,” he said. “That’s all it takes. Walk it with intent. An old straight track ...there for those who know to see it. Like a Gypsy road—un Romano drom. It will take you home. . . . Where all roads meet. Jacca calls it Lankelly—because of the sacred grove in the heart of the valley—but I just think of it as the Wood.” ~ Elderee

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"There was not one road, but a countless number of them. They made a pattern that webbed not onlyher own world, but all worlds; not only her own time, but all times. They upheld a fragile balance between light and dark, order and chaos, while at the center of the web lay a sacred grove in that valleythat Elderee had called Lankelly." ~ "Romano Drom" — Dreams Underfoot



  • To get here one mud walk the Roads—Gypsy Roads—which are Ley lines. Gypsies and some others have the power to Walk these roads to protect them from threats.

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Name What Connection About
Elderee guardian of the Roads Walks the Roads Calls Lankely, the 'Wood'
Lorio Munn guitar, lyrics musician Elderee gave her power  Elderee gave her Heart's Shadow: power to guard the roads
Jacca Elderee's friend being who guards the Roads calls the place where all roads meet: Lankelly
Mabena Elderee's friend being who guards the Roads Elderee wants Lorio to meet them
Dorn Mahail's Emissary wants to take it away want it destroyed

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  • Dreams Underfoot — "Romano Drom": Elderee passed on the power to Lorio Munn to protect the Roads to Lankelly. Dorn, Mahail's minion tries to stop her by sending dreams in which he fed her to an tentacled monster. On the Road he tries to stop her again, she takes a stand against him.


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