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Teen Runaway

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Teen girl sees faeries, but her mother tells her it's all her imagination. She runs away and gets abducted by a pimp. Meran sends Cerin to find her. 


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  • family's home is in Ferryside across the Stanton Street Bridge on the west side of the Kichaha river.
  • Fitzhenry Park: Partk abuctd from 

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Name What Connection About
Anna Batterberry human mom asks Meran to help find Leli; used to believe in faeries, forces Lesli to deny them, why she ran away;
Cerin Kelledy immortal; Meran's husband; seeks to save Lesli using Fae;
Meran Kelledy Oak King's daughter; flute Lesli's flute teacher helps Anna find Lesli;
Susan prostitute, recruiter Leslie's new 'friend' told Lesli she could stay with her and her boyfriend, Paulie;
Cutter pimp abducts Leslie intent on turning her out;
'Nell', Helen  Batterberry human  Grandma good friends with Meran Kelledy and Cerin Kelledy, could see fae;
Fitzhenry Park Park in Newford  Lesli abducted  Cutter took Lesli here; Bodachs told who did it;

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Teen girl sees faeries, but her mother tells her it's all her imagination. She runs away and meets a girl named Susan who brefiends her, claiming she can stay with her. While she is gone arranging things, Cutter abducts Lesli; Not knowing what happened to her, her mom is frantic and asks Meran for help. Meran sends Cerin to find Lesli. Information from Sprites lead Cerin to the Fitzhenry Park where Lesli was last seen. Lesli playe dher flute and a faerie came to the window of the room she was locked in. Cerin found her took her home. Cutter and the man who would pay to rape her were locked in a state of horror. — Lesli comes to live with them: Meran and Cerin Kelledy afterward. ~"Ghosts of Wind and Shadow"


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