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Little people

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Six inch tall Little, a magical race of people descended from birds. Small and vulnerable


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six inches tall, look like people


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Name About
Tetty, Elizabeth Wood 16-year-old runaway with a punk attitude
Wood family Small and vulnerable is why the Wood’s stay hidden and reclusive, and why they left when Tetty told T.J. about them

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Name What Connection About
T.J. Moore human teen Tetty's friend 14-year-old upset about moving & losing horse; helps Tetty find parents
Sheri Piper

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Big City Littles (2000)—Tapping the Dream Tree: The story follows children's book author Sheri Piper, whose faithful retelling of a story once told by her grandfather earns her the attention of a miniature man, one of the mythical Littles. All her new friend wants to know is, how can he and his tribe become birds again, like they were originally? The answer lies in a spot of old magic, and Sheri's own willingness to help. ~ The SF Site Featured Review: Triskell Tales 2

Little (Grrl) Lost: A whole family of Littles are living between the walls of the suburban house T.J. Moore’s family moved into when their family farm failed. 


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