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Long is a gnome, or a gnomish sort of a man, who lived under the pier at the end of Main Street. He is a character in s story by Christy Riddell's book titled: "How to Make the Wind Blow".


He’d seem more odd than magical to anyone who happened to spy him out wandering the streets or along the beach, he did have two enchantments.

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He was thin, with a fat tummyand a long crooked nose, brown skin, clear blue eyes and he wore raggedy clothes that he found discarded on the beach and wore until they were thread bare. "He bundled his tangled hair up under a bright yellow cap. Othertimes he wove it into many braids festooned with colored beads and the discarded tabs from beer cansthat he polished on his sleeve until they were bright and shiny."


Long had two enchantments:

  1. A pig—named Brigwin—that could see the wind and follow it anywhere. She was pink and fastidiously clean,big enough to ride to market—which Long sometimes did—and she could talk English.
  2. piece of plain string with four complicated elf-knots tied in it—oneto call up a wind from each of the four quarters. North and south. East and west. When he untied a knot,that wind would rise up and he’d ride Brigwin in its wake

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Long would pick through debris seeking treasures or charms (some might call trash)—such as an old button. He had a good business trading with woodwives and witches after midnight.

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He lived under the pier at the end of Main Street

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  • The book is being read by Ellen Brady, later read by Reece when they work together

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"Ellen could remember when it was still a story that was told without the benefit ofpen and paper. Astory that changed each time the words traveled from mouth to ear"

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Name What Connection About
Ellen Brady human woman reading about him Long is a character in book Ellen is reading by Christy Riddell
author created Long as a character Long is a character in book by Christy Riddell
Brigwin talking pig could ride the wind (fly) Long would ride her to market 

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