Lori Snelling — Character

Lori Snelling
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race human
Date of Birth
Location Newford
Books appeared in "That Explains Poland" — Dreams Underfoot

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Young woman

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Lori wants to go hunt for Bigfoot in Upper Foxville with her friends who seem wholly uninterested.


Lori was good a dragging her friends into trouble like when they when looking for Pirate treasure. 

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You could always count on something happening around her, with a ninety-nine percent chance that she’d been the catalyst

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Shotokan karate

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Lori's Stunts with LaDonna and Ruth Edit

  • They went looking for pirate treasure in the storm sewers under the Beaches—down there for hours, in her father’s spelunking gear; nearly drowned when it started to rain and the sewers filled up. Her papa was not pleased at the mess they made of his gear.
  • At age thirteen—they hid in the washrooms at the Watley’s Department Store downtown and spent the whole night trying on dresses, rearranging the mannequins, eating chocolates from the candy department. They spent the summer working it off to pay back Lori's dad.

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Lori’s parents used to live in Beaches, the ritzy area before they got divorced.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
LaDonna young woman friend agrees to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs; friends: Lori, Ruth
Ruth Young woman friend Hunt Bigfoot in Tombs; friends: Lori, LaDonna
Byron Murphy sports clinic therapist at Butler University former boyfriend dressed in an ape suit so Lori could take pictures of him
Monkey Woman’s Nest Mexican restaurant hang out
Zorb club Fat Man Blues Band Ruth was crazy about their bass player
Watley’s Department Store downtown store broke in as teens Lori Snelling, LaDonna Da Costa, Ruth spent night there eating chocolate, playing with mannequins

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

✥ "That Explains Poland" — LaDonna, Lori and Ruth agree to a contest to hunt bigfoot in the Tombs in the upper Foxville part of Newford—to start the next day. The losers take the winner out to restaurant of her choice. This was instigated by Lori, the trios chief trouble maker after reading headlines in a newspaper.

Lori has a guy—Byron Murphy—dress in an ape suit, take pictures of him. LaDonna soon after, comes face-to-face with the real Bigfoot. She sees intellegence in his eyes and imagines what they'd do to him if they caught him. She puts away her camera and and warns him in a friendly way that the city is not safe for him. He tips his hat and wanders off. LaDonna uses the pictures she did take to to get Lori to her and Ruth out to a fancy dinner.


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