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Human, Cop

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Lou Fucceri is now Detective Lou Fucceri, of the Crowsea Precinct’s General Investigations squad. He met Jilly when he was a patrolman of the Stanton Street Combat Zone beat. He got Jilly off the streets and into a new life. He does his best to help get kids off of the streets. 


Of Italian heritage.

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He has mediterranean cast to his complexion, dark brooding eyes and dark hair. White shirt with sleeves rolled halfway up to his elbows, collar undone, loose black tie.

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  • Lou is a smoker

Angela Marceau Edit

Lou and Angel had been a couple once but it's been almost 20 years since they broke up. Neither had and long-term relationships since. And it was hard not to think of them as a couple. They were booth entrenched in their jobs and locked horns because of it. He was a stickler for the law and Angle had no problem bending or brewing the law to help those in need. It was up to them to fix what had gone wrong between them. ~ The Onion Girl (ch6)

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When Jilly Coppercorn found herself without a home or cash or drugs and hadn't eaten for several days, she was rescued by Lou Fucceri (a police officer) and Angela Marceau, who ran a home for runaways.

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Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist saved her from the streets found her as a teen street kid, addicted and tricking and in trouble;
Angela Marceau counselor for street kids former girlfriend both help kids on the streets
Zinc street kid though he was a bike thief Jilly was helping Zinc

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