Lucia Han

Lucia Han
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human, Chinese
Occupation Performance Artist
Birthplace unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Location Upper Foxville, the Tombs in Newford
Books appeared in "Our Lady of the Harbour", "Freewheeling" — Dreams Underfoot

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Lucia Han is a Performance Artist who has a squat in Upper Foxville


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Performance Artist

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Accompaniment: mixture of electronic music and the sound of breaking glass at a barelyaudible volume — Lucia was wrapped in plastic and lying on the floor, her black hair spread out, Every few moments one of her limbs would twitch, the plastic wrap stretching tightagainst her skin with the movement. Ursula was chanting a poem that consistedonly ofthe line, “There are no patterns” She’d shaved her head. ~ "Freewheeling"

Residence Location Edit

Lucia has a squat in Upper Foxville, on the upper story of a deserted tenement where someone had put together a makeshift loft by the simple method of removing all the walls, leaving a large empty area cluttered only by supportpillars and the squatters’ belongings. ~ "Freewheeling"

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Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Zinc street kid squat mate also shared squat with Ursula
Ursula performance artist squat mate also shared squat with Zinc
Amy Scallan pipes, folk musician friend plays at Feeney’s in Marrowbones band
Matt Casey vocals, bouzouki, guitar watched performance brought Katrina to meet Matt
Marrowbones Irish folk band at performance plays at Feeney’s Kitchen
Feeney’s Kitchen Irish folk club customer brought Katrina Ludvigsen to meet Matt Casey

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

"Freewheeling" — At suat she shares with Zinc when Jilly and Sue Ashworth brought him back from the jail. She was practicing her act with Ursula chanting: “There are no patterns”. – Dreams Underfoot

"Our Lady of the Harbour": Found Katrina Ludvigsen on roadside without any clothes. Took her home, got her clothes. toke her to meet Matt Casey when she insisted. – Dreams Underfoot


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