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Skinwalker, Otherworlder

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Malicorne was a skin walker with some kind of healing magic. She could change from something mostly human into something not even close to human.


Staley wants her to change rabbit-boy back to human;

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"Experienced ordinary life as somethng filled with beauty and wonder"

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tall horsey-faced woman with horn growing out of the middle of her forehead. She must have worn a glamour since most people's gazes slid off that horn.


  • Healing magic
  • skinwalker

Other DetailsEdit

  • Inspired William to stop drinking by the way she looked at life. 
  • Told William about the door to the Otherworld, how it stands aajar where crows and ravens gather. 

History / Background Edit

She used to squat in the Tombs with the other homeless. she walked off into the night with Jake one night through one of the doors that Staley Cross and the Crows called up.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
William 50-something man, tenement custodian he remembers her last time he saw her she was going thru a door to Otherworld
Jake Malicorne went through Doors to Otherworld with him
Robert Lonnie old hoodoo man acquaintance thinks Malicorne's a fine woman horn and all
Staley Cross human sought her help William told Staley that Malicorne left with Jake

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