Market in Lower Crowsea

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Old World style Market

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"There is a section of the Market in Lower Crowsea, where it backs onto the Kickaha River, that’s got a kind of Old World magic about it. The roads are too narrow for normal vehicular traffic, so most people go through on bicycles or by foot. The buildings lean close to each other over the cobble stoned streets that twist and wind in a confusion that not even the city’s mapmakers have been able to unravel toanyone’s satisfaction.

There are old shops back in there and some of them still have signage in Dutch dating back a hundred years. There are buildings tenanted by generations of the same families, little courtyards, secret gardens, any number of sly-eyed cats, old men playing dominoes and checkers and their gossiping wives, small gales of shrieking children by day, mysterious eddies of silence by night. It’s a wonderful place, completely untouched by the yuppie renovation projects that took over the rest of the Market.

Right down by the river there’s a public courtyard surrounded on all sides by three-story brick andstone town houses with mansard roofs and dormer windows. Late at night, the only manmade sound comes from the odd bit of traffic on the McKennitt Street Bridge a block or so south, the only light comes from the single street lamp under which stands a bench made of cast iron and wooden slats. Not alight shines from the windows of the buildings that enclose it. When you sit on that bench, the river murmurs at your back and the streetlamp encloses you in a comforting embrace of warm yellow light." ~ "Tallulah" — Dreams Underfoot

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cobblestoned streets that web out from the courtyard are narrow, too tight a fit for a car, eventhe small imported makes. They twist and turn, winding in and around the buildings more like back alleys than thoroughfares.


Lower Crowsea


  • more cats in Old Market than anywhere else in Newford
  • No exhaust, no refuse, no dead air.
  • Scents: fresh bread baking, cabbage soups, frying fish, roses and those tart, sharp-tasting apples that make the best strudels

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The buildings date back over a hundred years, leaning against each other like old friends too tired to talk.

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Name What Connection Story About
Sophie Etoile hangs out there "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep"
Jilly Coppercorn artist hangs out there "The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep"
Christy Riddell writer likes to write there "Tallulah" has his favorite bench under a street lamp by Kickaha River
Tallulah woman Christy met her there "Tallulah" May be the spirit of the city

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"Timeskip"—Dreams Underfoot: Geordie busks for money to take Samantha Rey out on their first date.

"The Moon Is Drowning While I Sleep":

"Tallulah"Dreams Underfoot: Christy Riddell met Tallulah on hes favorte bence in the Market by the Kickaha River.

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