Matt Casey — Character

Matt Casey
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Human
Occupation Musician
Birthplace Newford suburb
Date of Birth {{{birthdate}}}
Location Newford
Books appeared in "Our Lady of the Harbour", Dreams Underfoot

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An loner musician who truly only cared about music. He was caustic and aloof, setting himself up as an outsider until he was around music and musicians. And with musicians, he would only talk about music, he shunned socializing.


Personality and CharacterEdit

It wasn’t that he was unfriendly; he simply remained uninvolved, animated only only to discuss the esoterics of obscure lyrics and tunes and instruments, or to play. On stage Matt projected the charm and friendliness of an outgoing man.

Physical DecriptionEdit


gifted musician

  • Instuments: vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Band: Marrowbones

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folk band

Residence Location Edit

Newford (city)

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Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Katrina Ludvigsen Mermaid loves Matt washed overboard; Lucia Han found her
Nicky Doyle on fiddle band mate, 1 and half years tired of Matt's aloofness
Johnny Ryan on tenor banjo, classic Gibson mando-cello band mate, 1 and half years tired of Matt's aloofness
Amy Scallan Uillean pipes and whistles long-time musical associate accepts Matt as he is, a brilliant musician
Lucia Han Amy's chinese friend brought Katrina to Feeney's
Wolfe Island
Marrowbones fold band Matt's band
Feeney’s Kitchen folk club in Crowsea Matt played: Marrowbones popular hangout for Butler U students
The Harp
Johnny Jump Up Matt's new group Amy Scallan, Geordie Riddell ten years after Katrina left

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Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

Matt met a gig playing at Feeney’s Kitchen. Katrina Ludvigsen, a mermaid, had seen and heard him sing on Wolfe Island and fell in love with him. She traded her voice for legs Maraghreen the Lake Witch. Lucia Han—who found her naked on the road and took her in—brought her there to meet him. They dated. He went on a trip to in Hartnett’s Point for a gig. Katrina was given a knife by her sister who gave the witch their golden hair. They told her to kill him and bath in his blood "before the first dawn light follows tomorrow night". Amy Scallan saw it all then fainted filling ill. When she awoke, she became frightened for Matt and went to his gig. Amy found Katrina and drove her to a rendezvous point where she was swept away by spirits while her sister cried out in the water. — Matt wandered for a while afterward and when he returned he asked the statue: "Lady, why am I so empty inside?". Ten years after Katrina left, he started a new band: Johnny Jump Up—Matt, Amy Scallan and Geordie Riddell.


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