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Artist: a photographer, Human

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Meg Mullaly is an Artist–Photographer and part go the Five Coyotes Singing Studio.


A member of the Five Coyotes Singing Studio — group of artists

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Sim and attractive, with flowing red hair.


Painter: oils

Art Piece for Five Coyotes Group Show—Theme: child abuse Edit

This Is Where We Dump Them, by Meg Mullally. Tinted photograph. The Tombs, Newford, 1991.

Two children sit on the stoop of one of the abandoned buildings in the Tombs. Their hair is matted, faces smudged, clothing dirty and ill-fitting. They look like turn-of-the-century Irish tinkers. There’s litter all around them: torn garbage bags spewing their contents on the sidewalk, broken bottles, a rotting mattress on the street, half-crushed pop cans, soggy newspapers, used condoms. The children are seven and thirteen, a boy and a girl. They have no home, no family. They only have each other. ~

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Name What Connection About
Jilly Coppercorn artist; former runaway, addict co-Five Coyotes member improved her life; helps street kids in trouble
Sophie Etoile abstract painter; Half fae co-Five Coyotes member Travels to dreamworld where she created Mabon: where boyfriend Jack Crow lives; Jilly's close friend;
Isabelle Copely painter co-Five Coyotes member lives partly in Newford and partly on WrenIsland; studied arts at Butler University
Claudia Feder co-Five Coyotes member

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