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A musician who is also the Oak King's daughter. Some suspect of being a Dryad.

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Other Stories or Series: 

  • Triskell Tales (2000) Collection (has nearly all the stories featuring Meran and Cerin Kelledy including the early Songweaver stories)
  • Triskell Tales 2 (2006)

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A musician who is also the Oak King's daughter. She and her husband Cerin Kelledy are immortal. ~ The Wordwood | Char / MeranKelledy browse


The KelledysEdit

Meran Kelledy and Cerin Kelledy: a local traditional music duo that played coffee houses, festivals and colleges from one coast to the other, for years now. Tehy were based in Newford.


  • Gives flute lessons at the Old Fireball on Lee Street, now Lower Crowsea's community center.
  • Meran plays an Irishi flute, a simpler wooden instrument, side-blown
  • Teaches and plays an old style of flute playing

Physical DecriptionEdit

Meran is tall and thin, with long nut-brown curly hair that has green highlights. She has fey sort of Pre-Raphaelite beauty. Her eyes seemed to provide their own light.


  • Musician: flute player
  • Can access ancient words of power from a time before words were so easily used.

Personality and CharacterEdit

The Kelledys were the closest thing to real magic. There was an otherworldly air about the two of them that went beyond the glamour around people who became successful in their creative endeavors.

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Kelledy House Edit

Home to Meran and Cerin Kelledy. Located on McKennitt Street, although some stories suggest it is located on Stanton Street. A magical place, on the edge between the Realworld and Otherworld. ~ The Wordwood | Places / KelledyHouse browse

History / Background Edit

Nobody even knew where they had come from; they’d just arrived in Newford a few years ago, speaking with accents that had rapidly vanished. Jilly had always privately supposed that if there was a place called Faerie.

Connections (characters, places) Edit

Name What Connection About
Cerin Kelledy bard, immortal husband been married a very, very long time
Sheri Piper children's author gets her help for Jenky She is the perfect image of her Queen of the Oak Forest new book
Jenky Wood Little she grants his request for his clan made them birds again with the option to change to a Little and back at will;
Holly Rue book shop owner friend got Meran for Sheri and Jenky;
Jilly Coppercorn atist friend helps return the Stone Drum to the Skookins in Old City

Events in the Series (spoilery area) Edit

"Da Slockit Light" from Triskell Tales 2— (named after a Shetland fiddle tune) People have started to go missing down in Old City, that ancient part of Newford swallowed by an earthquake centuries ago. The answers look to lie with the goblins, but even their king doesn't know what exactly is going on. It's up to the ageless fiddler Cerin Kelledy and his dryad wife, Meran, to figure out what has been happening down there. And when Cerin himself is taken and transformed by hostile magic, can Meran's chosen agent, an undependable street kid with a larcenous streak, succeed in rescuing him? It's all in the choices one makes. ~ The SF Site

Quotes Edit

Jilly to Meran: "You always struck me as being an earth spirit—like you stepped out of an oak tree or something. It’s sort of like he learned magic, while you just are magic. ~ "Stone Drum — Dreams Underfoot
"Remember this: the night’s a magical time. The moon rules her hours, not the sun. The moon likes secrets. And secret things. She lets mysteries bleed into her shadows and leaves us to ask whether they originated from otherworlds, or from our own imaginations” ~ Meran, "Stone Drum"

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Meran and Cerin are carry-over characters from the Cerin Songweaver Tales—aka the Triskell Tales.

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