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Mexican Restaurant

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Mexican Restaurant—No one knows ow they got their name. 


Ernestina Verdad


on Williamson a ckouple of blocks down from  Gypsy Records.


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Name What Connection Story About
Jilly Coppercorn artist fight with Jeff "Winter Was Hard" Jilly had breaking-up fight with former boyfriend, Jeff
Jeff married man fight with Jilly "Winter Was Hard" breake-up with Jilly, refused to leave wife;
Geordie Riddell fiddler date with Sam "Timeskip" first date with Samantha Rey
Samantha Rey Gypsy Records clerk date with Geordie "Timeskip" first date with Geordie Riddell
Lori young woman drinks with friends "That Explains Poland" makes contest to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs friends: LaDonna, Ruth
Ruth young woman drinks with friends "That Explains Poland" agrees to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs; friends: LaDonna, Lori
LaDonna young woman drinks with friends "That Explains Poland" agrees to hunt Bigfoot in Tombs friends: Lori, Ruth
Ernestina Verdad Mexican woman owner "Timeskip" looks like a showgirl

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✥ "Timeskip" — Geordie Riddell and Samantha Rey have their first date there.

✥ "Winter Was Hard" — Jilly recalls her breakup fight with Jeff because he was a married man and never told her and she refused to stay with him.

✥ "That Explains Poland" — LaDonna, Lori and Ruth agree to a contest to hunt bigfoot in the Tombs in the upper Foxville part of Newford—to start the next day. The losers take the winner out to restaurant of her choice. This was instigated by Lori, the trios chief trouble maker after reading headlines in a newspaper.

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