1998 hc-Moonlight & Vines (Newford -9) by Charles de Lint

Moonlight & Vines (Newford #9) by Charles de Lint—1998 HC by Tor, Art: Terri Windling

2005 pb-Moonlight and Vines (Newford -9) by Charles de Lint

Moonlight and Vines (Newford #9) by Charles de Lint—2005 by Orb, Art: John Jude Palencar

Moonlight and Vines (1999) — A collection of stories and the ninth book in the Newford series.

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(Collection of Stories) Familiar to Charles de Lint's ever-growing audience as the setting of the novels Moonheart, Forests of the Heart, The Onion Girl, and many others, Newford is the quintessential North American city, tough and streetwise on the surface and rich with hidden magic for those who can see. In the World Fantasy Award-winning Moonlight and Vines, de Lint returns to this extraordinary city for another volume of stories set there, featuring the intertwined lives of many characters from the novels. Here is enchantment under a streetlamp: the landscape of our lives as only Charles de Lint can show it. ~ Goodreads | Moonlight and Vines #9


Charles de Lint: Moonlight and Vines (1999) Excerpt — "Crow Girls"

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  • post-relationship trauma in all its hurt and confusion—non-Hollywood relationships
  • first encounter with magic


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Characters What About
Crow Girls Crow Corbae live at the Rookery
Saskia Madding poet, 3 books of poems to her credit; editor: Street Times; Christy Riddell's live-in girlfriend; part of Newford art scene
Christy Riddell author live-in girlfriend: Saskia Madding; part of Newford art scene

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~ Source: Bibliography: Moonlight and Vines

Publishing InformationEdit

Publishers: Tor Books, Tor Fantasy, Orb Books

  • Hardcover, First Ed., 384 pages, Pub: Jan 1st 1999 by Tor Books—ISBN: 031286518X
  • Paperback, 462 pages, Pub: Dec 15th 1999 by Tor Fantasy—ISBN: 0812565495
  • Paperback, 384 pages, Pub: Dec 27th 2005 by Orb Books—ISBN: 0765309173

TOC Edit

  1. 13 • "Sweetgrass & City Streets" (1999) • poem
  2. 15 • "Saskia" (1996) • novelette
  3. 41 • "In This Soul of a Woman" (1994) • shortstory
  4. 56 • "The Big Sky" (1995) • novelette
  5. 80 • "Birds" (1996) • shortstory
  6. 92 • "Passing" (1995) • novelette
  7. 116 • "Held Safe by Moonlight and Vines" (1996) • shortstory
  8. 132 • "In the Pines" (1997) • shortstory
  9. 148 • "Shining Nowhere But in the Dark" (1996) • novelette
  10. 171 • "If I Close My Eyes Forever" (1999) • shortstory
  11. 189 • "Heartfires" (1994) • shortstory
  12. 202 • "The Invisibles" (1996) • shortstory
  13. 221 • "Seven for a Secret" (1995) • shortstory
  14. 238 • "Crow Girls" (1995) • shortstory
  15. 257 • "Wild Horses" (1997) • novelette
  16. 279 • "In the Land of the Unforgiven" (1999) • shortstory
  17. 287 • "My Life as a Bird" (1996) • novelette
  18. 311 • "China Doll" (1998) • shortstory
  19. 330 • "In the Quiet After Midnight" (1998) • shortstory
  20. 346 • "The Pennymen" (1998) • shortstory
  21. 363 • "Twa Corbies" (1998) • shortstory
  22. 373 • "The Fields Beyond the Fields" (1997) • shortstory
~ Source: Publication Listing ~ ISFdb
~ More Details–original printings: Charles de Lint: Moonlight and Vines (1999) Description

Synopsis by Story Edit

"Sweetgrass & City Streets"


"In This Soul of a Woman"

"The Big Sky"


"Held Safe by Moonlight and Vines"

"In the Pines"

"Shining Nowhere But In the Dark"

"If I Close My Eyes Forever"


"The Invisibles"

"Seven for a Secret"

"Crow Girls" ~ Excerpt

"Wild Horses"

"In the Land of the Unforgiven"

"My Life As A Bird"

"China Doll"

"In the Quiet After Midnight"

"The Pennymen"

"Twa Corbies"

"The Fields Beyond the Fields"

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I envy the music lovers hear. ~ Shelfari


Charles de Lint Quotes ~ GR


World Fantasy Award-winning


Lists That Contain Moonlight and Vines (Newford, #9) by Charles de Lint ~ GR


In January 1999 Tor Books published Moonlight and Vines. Copies went on sale in the States in December 1998; in Canada, H.B. Fenn began distributing copies in March 1999. The cover is a photo collage by the inimitable Terri Windling, who also provided the lovely covers for the two previous collections. The model is Guarina Lopez, a young woman that MaryAnn and I had the pleasure of meeting the last time we visited with Terri in Tucson, AZ. The photograph dates back a few years ago to when Guarina and her father Fileberto were visiting with Terri in her cottage in Chagford, England. This is the third collection of Newford stories, bringing together all the Newford material written since The Ivory and the Horn was published in 1995, including almost all the stories published in various anthologies and other sources up to the end of 1998. ~ Charles de Lint: Moonlight and Vines (1999) Description

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