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Artists, musicians, poets, teachers and other interested in art tend to congregate in and around the Crowsea area of Newford — hanging out in clubs, cafes, coffee shops, galleries and various shops and restaurants. They mingle and share their interests, and sometimes their lives intersect or even intertwine. 

Characters Edit

Name Talent, Interest, Type of Art Notes
Jilly Coppercorn artist; Five Coyotes group; helps street kids in trouble
Isabelle Copely, "Izzy" painter Five Coyotes group;
Sophie Etoile abstract painter Five Coyotes group; half fae; Jilly's close friend
Meg Mullaly photographer Five Coyotes group;
Claudia Feder Five Coyotes group;
Wendy St. James Poet best friend of Jilly's
Ellie Jones sculptor
Kathy, Katharine Mully writer NCF founder; Izzy's best friend; Books: "Touch and Go";
Professor Bramley Dapple art teacher
Christy Riddell writer Short story author
Geordie Riddell Professional fiddler
Vincent Adjani Rushkin famous Newford painter reclusive, mysterious; teaches Izzy about art and the Numena; Memory and Dream
Cerin Kelledy; aka Cerin Songweaver harpist His harp is called Telynrose; wife: Meran Kelledy
Meran Kelledy flutist
Saskia Madding poet Christy's girlfriend
Lizzie Mahone A fiddler The Knotted Cord, folk band
Alan Grant student; English major quiet, gangly; dream: own small literary press; good writer; friends: Izzy, Jilly, Kathy;
Mona Morgan comic artist helps Sophie clean Jilly's loft after vandalized

Artistic Groups Edit

Artistic Groups
Name Type Chars Book, Story About
Five Coyotes Singing Studio Art Group Jilly, Izzy, Sophie, Meg Mullally, Claudia Feder The Onion Girl, Studio owner: Sophie;  Show: Green Man Gallery

Artist Places & Hangouts Edit

Name Type  Chars Book About
Cyberbean Cafe Internet café Hank, Lily StbF diverse clientele
Jimmy's Billiards pool hall Moth StbF
Gypsy Records store clerk: Samantha Rey "Timeskip", DU Geordie flirts with Sam
Kathryn's Cafe student, artist hang-out owner: Kathryn Pollack; Jilly, Wendy M&D job opportunities for aspiring artists
Butler University college Dapple, JillyWidd
Crowsea Bohemian art scene area of Newford most DUWidd, TVBoCdL adjacent to Foxville area
Green Man Gallery Art Gallery Five Coyotes Singing Studio TOG Five Coyotes had a show there
Waterhouse Street center of art community  Izzy, Jilly, Kathy MaD Izzy, Kathy apt
Standish small concert hall Matt, Katrina; "Our Lady.." DU repertory theatre and music concerts
Fitzhenry Park Popular park Geordie, Bones, Wendymany Favorite place of artists and musicians

Newford Night Scene Edit

Name Type Char  Story About
Monkey Woman’s Nest Mexican restaurant

Name Type  Chars Book About
Cyberbean Cafe Internet café Hank, Lily StbF diverse clientele
Your Second Home punk club by night Geordie, Jilly, Sam "Timeskip", DU, StbF Wang Boys, Howl, Bitch In Heat, Helldogz,
The Harp folk club various artists "Our Lady.." DU shadow of the Kelly Street Bridge
Feeney’s Kitchen folk club Matt, Amy, Katrina, "Our Lady.." DU Marrowbones
Owlnight folk club Matt, Katrina, Garve MacCauley solo act "Our Lady.." DU, Butler U campus
Foxville area of Newford Clubs various

Musical Goups
Name Type  Chars Book About
The Knotted Cord folk band Lizzie, Jilly, Geordie, Siobhan WidderJilly temporarily steps in for Siobhan: broke wrist
Bitch In Heat Punk band StBF Your Second Home club
Helldogz Punk band StBF Your Second Home club
Howl Punk band StBF Your Second Home club
Broken Hearts rockabilly band using Geordie's spot "Timeskip", DU play on corner of McKennitt and Lee
The Wang Boys Punk band Your Second Home "Timeskip", DU pretty good: Geordie, Jilly, Sam liked them;
Marrowbones Folk Band Feeney’s Kitchen; Matt Casey, Amy Scallan "Our Lady.." DU
Johnny Jump Up Matt Casey (bouzouki, guitar, vocals)

AmyScallan (Uillean pipes, whistles) GeordieRiddell (fiddle)

"Our Lady.." DU An on-again, off-again Newford band
Garve MacCauley solo folk Owlnight; Amy Scallan'a friend Matt Casey took Katrina Ludvigsen on date

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