No Nuns Here — band

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Lorio Munn's band


The long wail of an electric guitar went out over the air waves, a primal screech as the high E stringwas fingered down around the fourteenth fret and pushed up past the G string, then the bass and drumscaught and settled into a driving back beat. The wailing guitar broke into chunky bar chords as LorioMunn’s voice cut across the music like the punch of a fist.

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Character Connections

Name What Connection About
Lorio Munn guitar leader writes her own lyrics
Terry Dixon bass player same band (duo?) girlfriend: Jane;
Zoe Brill Late night radio DJ plays a song of theirs to get Bob to call

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: I don’t want your love, baby

So don’t come on so sweet I don’t need a man, baby
Treats me like I’m meat
I’m coming to your house, baby
Coming to your door
Gonna knock you down, right where you stand
And stomp you on the floor


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