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Spirit People

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Spirit People that Sophie Etoile's paintings brought into the World As It Is from someplace more mysterious and distant than the Dreamlands. ~ The Onion Girl


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  • Their spirits seem too large for their bodies, they can be felt before they enter a room—a pressure in the air—a presence that make the pulse quicken and a smile spread across the face.

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When in their presence, one can feel like they are dreaming—that the room you are in has been transported to the Dreamlands.

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Numena Characters Edit

Name What Story About
Paddyjack Scarecrow like, thin; twigs and leavs for bone, flesh Onion Girl sweet little fellow that has a large presence
Cosette "
Rosiland "
John Sweetgrass "

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Name What Story About
Sophie Etoile artist her paintings brought into the Numena into the World As It Is

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The Onion Girl: Numena from Sophie Etoile's farm on Wren Island visit Jilly Coppercorn in the hospital. They sneak off Izzy's farm on Wren Island when there's less chance of being seen, then slip into Jilly's hospital room offering comfort and companionship. ~ The Onion Girl.

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