Polrech, aka Mahail’s hound

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Polrechs are mythic hound-like creatures that do the bidding of Mahail or his emissary, Dorn.

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cross between a hyena and a wolf, saber-toothed, acid saliva, red fiery eyes, Taloned paws

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  • appears or vanishes magically as though through air

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Name What Connection About
Elderee creature Lorio found wounded in alley; Mahail’s hound wounded him; simian-like features, orange fur;
Lorio Munn half-gypsy passes power to her Elderee passes the power and knowledge to guard the road to her; She can do it with her Romany blood;
Dorn pale-faced man, evil being, Mahail's minion tries to keep Lorio from road; gave Lorio to Mahail in dream; sent polrech after Elderee and Lorio Munn
Mahail tentacled monster tried to eat Lorio in dream monstrous bloated shape with coal-eyes and a gaping maw, tentacles; fed on hearts, left the shells;

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Dreams Underfoot — "Romano Drom":


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